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With decades of experience in the business of installing high-quality custom epoxy flooring, Epoxy Kansas City has always been at the forefront of the industry with our skilled crew members and innovative technology. We know what it takes to install high-build resilient floors that can last decades. We specialize in installing flooring systems for residential, commercial, and industrial properties for all your flooring needs.

Providing A+ Service All Over Kansas City

With more than 240 neighborhoods, Kansas City is undeniably large. It is our mission to be able to adequately serve all 240 neighborhoods in the city. Currently, we are able to serve large swaths in the city, including:
For large commercial and industrial projects, we can also provide service for areas just outside Kansas City. To know if we can provide amazing epoxy flooring service to your property, call us today at (816) 203-1599.

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Epoxy Flooring Kansas City Services

Residential Flooring Solutions

Epoxy isn’t just appropriate for commercial and industrial properties. In recent years, epoxy has also become a popular flooring system for residential properties where they have been used in old and new garage floors, basements, kitchens, and even bedrooms.

We feel particularly responsible for that shift in thinking, as Epoxy Kansas City has always been at the forefront of the drive to make epoxy floors more popular in homes, where they can benefit from epoxy’s durability and longevity.

Commercial Flooring Solutions

We have always known that epoxy floors are a great flooring option for commercial properties that are looking for floors that do more for less cost. But with Epoxy Kansas City, allow yourself to explore more innovative epoxy flooring solutions that can take your commercial space to the next level. We offer fully-custom floors with high durability that can be used in retail stores, commercial kitchens, cafeterias, and gyms.

Industrial Flooring Solutions

We take industrial flooring solutions seriously because we know good flooring can make all the difference in sanitation, safety, and day-to-day operations. That’s why we offer a range of services specifically designed for industrial properties and solutions that can target and solve your flooring problems. Our industrial flooring systems are targeted at manufacturing plants, factories, and other industrial properties that are looking to improve their flooring.

To learn more about our Kansas epoxy flooring solutions, call us today at (816) 203-1599 or fill out or quick online form to ensure we can get back to you soon.

Featured Services

At Epoxy Kansas City, we strive to provide the best and most affordable epoxy services for your garage floors and basements in Olathe Ks , Praire Village, and Kansas Mo area. Our services are each performed with only the highest standards of quality and work ethic. For a full list of our services, you can click here.

Epoxy garage floors

There are many flooring materials on the market specifically marketed towards home garages, where homeowners want floors that are heavy-duty and that can protect and be protected from their cars. You will find no better solution than epoxy. Not only does it boast remarkable durability, but it also has such a low price tag that you’ll be wondering what the catch is. No catch, we promise! Just high-quality garage floor epoxy Kansas City made to serve you.

Epoxy paint for floors

If you’re looking for extra durability for your floors, we offer the application of a two-part epoxy paint or epoxy floor coatings to your floors. We use only the best 100% solids epoxy paint for the purpose of providing your floors with strength, longevity, and stain-resistance. This service is particularly popular for residential properties where there is light-to-medium traffic over the floors.

Epoxy slurry floors

A mixture of epoxy coating and aggregates combines to make a thick and dense material that can be layered onto floors – this is called an epoxy slurry. Epoxy slurries are particularly helpful to resurface old floors that are nearing the end of their days. Epoxy slurry saves them by serving as a new thicker and stronger surface. If you are shying away from the costs of completely replacing your old worn floors, then epoxy slurry could be the solution for you.

Epoxy mortar

Epoxy mortar is our flagship service for industrial properties that are looking for the best flooring solution on the market. We believe epoxy mortar is it because it boasts 5 layers of epoxy and mortar that is trowelled onto the surface, creating an incredibly thick and strong floor that won’t give up on you. 

Appealing floor looks combined with functionality and versatility. A slew of colors and effects available for people looking to create delineated safety and work zones that are regulated and approved by OSHA.

Epoxy broadcast floors

Epoxy broadcast floors refer to floors that have a layer of broadcast aggregate on it before it is sealed with a final coat of sealer. The kind of aggregates that are broadcast is a decision that is entirely up to you. We offer vinyl chips that can be customized to any color you want, quartz, and sand. 

All three of these aggregates provide added support and strength to your floors while also giving you a unique look that will make your space stand out. All our epoxy broadcast floors are sealed with a polyaspartic coat to ensure long lasting durability and UV stability.

Epoxy basement floors

If you have just moved into a new house, you may have already noticed the drab and lifeless concrete floors in your basement. But beyond the aesthetic letdown, unsealed concrete isn’t always the best material to use on your basement floors because of potential leaks and cracks. We would highly recommend to recreate your underground area.

A simple solution to this is multiple layers of epoxy that will toughen the surface, protect it from water and stains, and also impart a new color and seamlessness to the floors.

Epoxy coating removals

Epoxy is notoriously tough to remove, which is partly what makes it such a popular choice for flooring. But if you need to have your epoxy garage floors in Kansas City removed, our locally owned Kansas City MO company can help you accomplish that with our top-of-the-line grinding tools and handheld diamond-tipped blades that can efficiently remove even old epoxy inch by inch.

Epoxy patching and repair

For stubborn cracks that just won’t seem to go, we offer the service of patching cracks and pits with a special kind of epoxy patching compound that locks into cracks and pits and fills them to create a new smooth surface that is indistinguishable from its old self. When the patching has been completed, an epoxy coat can be applied on top as an extra service for maximum protection and functionality.

Why Choose Epoxy Kansas City

We’re sure you have already checked out and perhaps even consulted with other epoxy flooring contractors in Kansas City, so we’re sure you want to know why you should choose to go with us over our competitors.

The truth is that we aren’t advertisers who can choose the right words, but we are experienced Kansans who love creating flooring solutions for all our customers and we let our work speak for itself. If you’re committed to getting the best floors possible, you’ll know by now that our breadth of knowledge, experience, and commitment to a job well done pushes us to constantly do better for all our customers.

The biggest indicator of a job well done is our customers’ satisfaction with their flooring. That’s why we always check in with old customers to make sure the work we completed is still working for them and to offer maintenance and repairs in case things have changed since our installation. We do the whole process right from start to finish. We want to offer the same level of service and commitment to you. Let us help you build flooring that works for you and your life and business, instead of floors that delay good operations.

Call us today at (816) 203-1599 to get a free quote and find out what Epoxy Flooring Kansas City can do for you and how we can go about it. Contact us or send us an email now!


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