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If you’re interested in having stunning floors, Kansas City Epoxy Flooring is here for you. Transform bare, gray concrete into decorative, stylish flooring. Make your residential or commercial properties stir attraction just by building polished epoxy floors.

Epoxy is an all-encompassing solution for every flooring needs. Contrary to popular belief, garage floors aren’t the only area it is meant for. Whether at home or in commercial areas, refinish your existing concrete doesn’t need to be a difficult choice. A quick application of the epoxy coating is an option you must not miss out!

If you need a complete transition to an epoxy flooring system, our team can provide resurfacing for you.

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Types of Epoxy Flooring in Kansas City

Before you get in touch with us, here, let us help you pick out what you need. This high-tech flooring option comes in various forms that can meet a specific function according to you. So, what type of epoxy flooring system best suits your property?

Popular Designs: Indoor and Outdoor

Epoxy flooring and coating systems upgrade the floors indoors and outdoors. Garages floors, basement, parking spaces, and active commercial spaces benefit much with having their floors refinished or resurfaced. 

3D Flooring

A 3D effect on floors serves more than aesthetic appeal. Using this method also strengthens the floors and increases its performance. This one is highly popular today, especially among DIY subscribers. The technique uses a self-leveling layer of primer as a topcoat. The design is produced through printing a personalized photo or pattern and then uses it to design the floor. 

Reflect your creativity  on your epoxy garages and other floors through the 3D method. If you want custom or personalized floor design, have 3D epoxy flooring.

Metallic Layer

Also, another variation of a 3D technique is the metallic floors or metallic epoxy. Create eccentric floors that are top in quality. Metallic epoxy coats enhance the floor’s durability. It gives a glass-like sheen to floors that work well together with anti-stain quality. It puts away the stains on the surface quickly with its smooth texture. Then, the deep dimensions by the metal-like layer overpower the sight of an existing stain.

If you need to stun your audience into your commercial spaces and workshop or garages, resurface the floors with a metallic coating!

Terrazzo Inspired

Adding terrazzo flakes on the metallic coats adds a distinct, unique pattern on the floors. Also, the reason why commercial spaces love this type so that it is super satin-resistant. The ability to sweep the stain away quickly makes this flooring type suitable for massive areas. Have this among commercial spaces such as lounges, restaurant floors, company buildings, etc.


This is an epoxy coating best for massive spaces. It is common in laboratories, industrial buildings, manufacturing areas, showrooms, and the like because it easily levels itself and does not give you the additional work of leveling and grinding the surface.


On the other hand, a self-dispersing epoxy is a solution with particles of quartz added to it. This is more specific among highly- automotive areas, for example, garages. This type has a strength that can hold heavy-weight objects. 

Specialized Epoxy Flooring Kansas City

Particular types of epoxy systems have a more specific function since garage floor coatings have different needs compared to basement floors. Are you looking today for one particular process? You could be working on a highly technical area, or your job involves working with other elements such as sound, lighting, or electronics. So, you want something that fights static on floors, or something that equalizes bouncing sounds?

These are epoxy techniques that you might find helpful in your spaces. 

Anti-Static. Anti-Static induced epoxy floors are for highly-industrialized spaces. These are floors that serve the requirements of electronic and automotive areas. 

This type is commonly known as a joint-free floor. It is a high-performing flooring. It produces a smooth, even surface. Provide less obstruction for areas that need fast transitions of activities.

Mortar Coating. This is an epoxy-based coating mixture added with solid fillers. This includes coarse aggregates, minerals, and resin mixture. Industrial floors commonly use mortar coating for heavy-duty repairing. 

Vapor Barrier. This coating uses pure solid epoxy resin. The primary function of moisture or vapor barrier coating is to serve as a sealer or primer. Adding a primer over a flooring system would prevent moisture emission from the substrate.

Adding a moisture-resistant primer is the quick fix. It is a suitable solution for restoring the quality of existing epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Slurry. Slurry epoxy is a highly-sought flooring today. It possesses a self-leveling technique. It makes it easy for both clients and contractors to achieve their desired seamless, polished floors.

The result makes the floors perfectly finished. The slurry reaches narrow channels on the floors that using polishing machines cannot fill. This is your flooring mix for fixing deteriorated slabs in small areas.

Nowadays, people need innovative and cost-effective solutions. Local business owners profit more with having attractive spaces. Commercial floors need extra attention. Moreover, homeowners need a space that secures the family’s happiness and safety.

Need creative solutions for your commercial spaces and interiors at home and in your businesses? Invite us, and we will revamp your rooms that will suit your lifestyle and creativity!

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring and coating increase the spaces’ function. It’s easy to clean, it looks stylish, and the quality lasts long. It also provides you decorative opportunities that make floors attractive. No wonder homeowners and business owners alike would highly recommend it!

  • Resist Impacts. High quality epoxy floor is ideal for industrial and commercial areas. These are exposed to activities with heavy-foot traffic. So residential areas are also looking into the superior results of epoxy. For homeowners, this flooring type will work well in the kitchen and garages.
  • Anti-Skid. Slip-resistant properties are essential to floors. Most accidents happen due to hard to see faults on the surface. The presence of os liquids, stains, oil spills makes the floor slippery. A skid-resistant coating solution makes a surface resistant from moist. When water splashes on the ground, it creates a bead-like formation, so a large area will keep dry.
  • Heat-resistant. Now you know why garage flooring is done with epoxy coatings. Cars’ wheels and hot tires create dark marks that will be difficult to clean. Rubber, when heated, leaks chemical that leaves a residue. When it reacts with concrete, the substance will likely be fixed itself on the surface for a long time. Epoxy coating has this advanced property that makes a concrete floor resistant to heat. It is like a pyro-glass. Resinous compounds consist of epoxy. That is why it does not react and burns under high temperatures.
  • Environment-friendly. Skip getting a new garage floor! One of the superior features of epoxy is nature-friendly quality. Traditional flooring enhancements like paints, carpets, and other products emit VOC. VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds disperse in the air. Indoor spaces need clean air free from heavy foreign elements. Epoxy is a purely solid material that does not leak or precipitate another form of a compound.
  • Customizable. Check out the various types of epoxy flooring we mentioned above. Done? Okay, now, you have seen how many styles and methods epoxy can be achieved. With that, this coating material can quickly adapt to your creative needs. This flooring system can incorporate paints, chips, and flakes. These additives can be used under your control so you can have freedom of choosing the outcome of colors and flaked patterns for your flooring. Be the envy of the neighborhood!
  • Fast Curing Time. Do you have a basement s or garage that needs improving? Why not only refinish or resurface their existing concrete. Epoxy can quickly dry and the whole process won’t take you weeks. Since underground flooring captures minimal sunlight, installing epoxy coating in these areas grant success.

In this case, get a Kansas City epoxy flooring contractor to do the job for you. They can plan when to have an epoxy installation at the perfect time. You still need to work on a period when the climate is favorable. At least have it when the suns fully up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Epoxy flooring experts may use different products. The cheapest in the market is at $3 but for trusted and expert epoxy flooring pros, expect to pay between $8 to $12. That will include 

Homeowners and commercial space owners cannot deny the beauty and versatility of epoxy flooring. Not only does it makes concrete floors last longer (up to 10  years), it is also tire mark, scratch, and stain resistant. It’s made for basements and garages that face so much moisture and traffic. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy  its benefits on other surfaces as well.

Epoxy floors’ biggest disadvantage is it’s cost. Some homeowners may find it too much and if that’s the case, stamped and stained concrete may be better. But with the proper installation of anti-slip coatings, resealing, and basic maintenance, epoxy floors won’t give you any problems.

Epoxy floors can last up to  five years with high-traffic(usually for industrial and commercial areas). But for epoxied areas with low to average amount of traffic (usually in homes), it can last even up to 10 years.

Why Get Professional Kansas City Epoxy Flooring Contractors

Our company specializes in epoxy flooring and floor coating systems. We provide affordable installation and other services. for residential and commercial areas. Old or new, your concrete floors improve. Epoxy floor refreshes interiors. It offers fun, customizable designs. The application process takes easy steps too. Have the experts finish the job for you to ensure la great job from start to finish.

Why have our team the one providing you flooring solutions?

    • 20 Years of Experience. Kansas Concrete Artisans have been the dominating decorative interior floors provider in the city. Skills and experience goers together. Our team of contractors earns pride in this knowing that our previous client’s would definitely recommend us. 
    • Client-centered Service. All or success we owe to our clients who trust our services and highly recommend us. Our successful projects are due to our professional installers who aim to meet every customers’ vision! And for those new to concrete flooring, we make sure to guide them the best way we can! Visit our site online and learn from our “all-about-concrete” facts and tips. We love to share our knowledge with you!
    • Skilled and Reliable Professionals. Our team works fast and reliable. From customer service to the actual application, the team commits to finishing every project on time and on point. Changes are welcome, and if needs modification, we keep our clients updated. That is reliable and efficient communication.
    • Top-notch Concrete Solutions. Our company matches every service we provide with only the best. What we use are only top-of-the-line materials from trusted suppliers whether it’s residential or commercial epoxy.
    • Home-grown. We are a locally owned flooring company that takes pride in quality work. Our years of service have been fully dedicated, bringing world-class floors throughout Kansas and Kansas City Mo. It has been our home, and our goal is to offer our service to every property owner in the city. We have known the ropes around the city. So, we assure excellent results. We aim to meet your desires for improving your homes or business areas!

Improve the spaces with cost-effective, easy manageable flooring. Epoxy is your absolute solution! Have any questions and concerns?
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