Customization: Why Epoxy Flooring is King


Epoxy is a mixture of resin and hardener that is either painted on or poured on cement floors. Epoxy flooring is highly-favored for the durability, safety, and beauty it provides. It is used in various places, from residential to industrial areas. It is chemical resistant, low maintenance, durable, and the focus of this article, versatile.

Your floor is not only the literal foundation of your residence or business. It is also the foundation of your space’s aesthetics. It sets the tone for every design element you choose to put inside an area and on your floor.

Epoxy floors are usually mixed on-site, immediately before pouring. Epoxy is clear or close to clear with some yellowish tint. It not only creates a seal for the surface, but it also provides structural support.

Why choose epoxy for its customization options?

  • Going back to its unmistakable appearance, this is a major reason why many people prefer to coat or finish their floors with epoxy. The evident characteristic of epoxy makes it very customizable and made to suit whatever your style is.
  •  Epoxy resin mixture is in liquid form. This makes it easy to add design additives. You can choose to add design materials such as color chips, pebbles, glitters, flakes, and practically any additive you can think of. Epoxy flooring has endless customization options – color, texture, pattern, style..
  • Epoxy coating can easily transform any dull and boring slab or panel into a stylish, beautiful floor. You can create your own design, color, or pattern that mimics an expensive stone or tile minus the high cost.
  •  The texture of your epoxy floor will depend on the area. For living rooms and hallways, a metallic look might be best. Metallic finishes give you a shiny floor with depth and character. For garages, outdoor walkways, and pool areas, you can choose a quartz finish. Quartz stone is mixed with the liquid epoxy to give it a high friction surface.
  • Since epoxy mixes well with additives, it a popular choice among residential and commercial flooring contractors. You can opt to have a smooth and glossy finish or a rough finish, giving you the freedom to choose any texture you’d like.
  • Epoxy floors own the reputation of being the most beautiful flooring system in the market. Floor designers and their clients can choose from an almost unlimited number of choices regarding color, pattern, texture, luster, and more.

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