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A Little Something About Us

Are you on the search for a flooring solution company with more than a decade’s worth of experience? Do you have trouble finding out about top-class and professional services? Innovative technology and products? We are glad to inform you that your search has ended. 

Here at Epoxy Mortar Kansas City, we provide the best residential and industrial flooring coating solutions you won’t find anywhere else. No job is too hard, simple, or small for us – whether it’s helping you customize your surface with epoxy or installing a durable polyurethane floor coat that will last for years on end. 

Epoxy Mortar Applications For Industrial Facilities

We can install epoxy mortar coatings in your industrial environments. It is a flooring system that gives a pre-existing concrete slab a second chance when it comes to functionality and durability. It is an excellent option if you wish to level concrete or take care of eroded and damaged areas. Epoxy mortar works well in the following.

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Factories
  • Storage halls
  • Motor pools
  • Mess halls
  • Warehouses
  • Breweries

Benefits Of Epoxy Mortar

Here are some of the advantages of installing epoxy mortar in industrial facilities.

  • Additional protection 

Industrial locations mean a lot of work and traffic. So the floorings in such areas need to be efficient and can handle everything that happens to them. Our epoxy mortar mixes can protect your surfaces, withstand heavy foot, vehicle, and equipment transportation traffic, and turn that setting into a safer place to work on.

  • Repairs and covers

Thin floor coatings are susceptible to damage and wear. This aspect would cost industry owners to spend more on repairs and maintenance. Good thing epoxy mortar can cover that up. You can utilize it for concrete repairing and smoothen out a surface area. And the best part is that you do not need to replace the damaged or worn-down concrete. All you have to do is apply the epoxy coat on it, and your flooring will look as good as new.

  • Varied options

Industrial places do not need to have dull and gray flooring systems. You can customize the coat to fit your industry’s motif or theme. 

The selection is almost limitless – from mimicking wood and stone to personalized designs and patterns. And this advantage is why owners and operators choose epoxy mortar instead of other flooring methods.

  • Cost-efficient

Epoxy mortar coats will not give your wallet a hard time. You have the liberty to install it directly above concrete, rather than spend a lot more on replacing the material and starting from scratch. Best of all, epoxy mortar floors will last you a long time even under high traffic. No need to keep replacing it with every damage it faces.

Polyurethane Coatings vs. Epoxy Floor Coatings

In the industrial and commercial floor world, you will come across epoxy and polyurethane coatings. At most times, they are the subjects for debate. We must first understand them before we can rule out the difference between these two coating processes. 

  • Polyurethane coatings

These types of coatings are high-performance. They highlight thin layers of thickness. Polyurethane coatings are resistant to chemicals and UV. Besides, they provide impact and damage resistance, and you can have finishes that range from glossy, clear to high-gloss.

  • Epoxy floor coatings

Epoxy floor coatings are versatile, durable, and cheap. There are numerous kinds of epoxy coatings available. And every one of them has its unique functions and unique properties. However, they are not resistant to UV light. And epoxy coats cannot withstand abrasions and heavy chemicals.

Both coating techniques have their advantages and disadvantages over the other. But now that it is time to answer which one is better, allow us to make your lives easier. Most individuals prefer epoxy coats rather than polyurethane ones. 

These coatings provide a build or thickness that they want or require for their needs. Polyurethane only works like a top coating that gives the structure extra strength and durability. 

As for the battle between the coating systems, the answer is that it depends on the flooring solution you want or need. You can install epoxy floor coatings as a base first. And you can apply a layer of a polyurethane coat afterward. Both can work with the other to make a surface function better than before and last even longer.

Epoxy Mortar Services


Epoxy mortar is our flagship service. These floors make industrial locations appealing while making sure they function well and keep the workers safe from stains and cracks. Our epoxy mortar boasts versatility, functionality, and aesthetic properties. OSHA is in charge of regulating and approval of work zone safety and services. And we are glad to announce that our epoxy mortar has their blessing. We offer a wide array of epoxy mortar services for your commercial, residential, and industrial needs. 

  • Crack repair

Our epoxy mortar mixture contains sand and resin. These make way for the material to be able to block moisture, dirt, and other debris. You can use it to repair and fill stubborn cracks and other damaged areas. The result is a floor top layer where damage did not form at all. You can also apply an additional epoxy coat on top to protect and add to its function.

  • Cement fills

Epoxy mortar works well as a compound for cement fills. The mixture creates a better and more durable material that can make any structure last longer. 

  • Leveling

You can employ epoxy mortar to level and smoothen out the surfaces. Or you can also create slopes and inlets. Doing these will add a sense of smoothness and cleanliness to your area.

  • Crack filling for indoor and outdoor concrete

Epoxy mortar is ideal for indoor and outdoor concrete as well. There is no need to buy new materials and replace the cracked concrete. Our epoxy mortar products will get rid of those cracks and chips. You can use the concrete immediately when the epoxy cures after a certain period.

Why Get Professional Epoxy Mortar Contractors

You do not need to find another epoxy mortar contracting company once you give our company a shot with your surfaces and settings. We are the best there is, and our world-class results speak for themselves. You can check out our customer reviews and testimonials if this is not enough proof for you. 

We take pride in our products, services, and a dedicated workforce that will do your project no matter the scale. You can visit us anytime, and we will entertain your inquiries, questions, and other related aspects with a smile. While we make sure the Kansas City residents have the best floorings they could wish for, it does not stop there. 

We have other sites ready to be of service to you. Some of our other areas include the following.

  • CBD-Downton Area
  • Greater Downton
  • Parts of East Side
  • Northeast
  • Plaza Area
  • South Kansas City
  • Midtown-Westport
  • Eastside   

We plan our flooring techniques and keep an eye out for newer trends and strategies to improve them. Besides that, we also monitor our products to keep them up to date. We, too, do this to make sure they raise the standard in the industry. We train our personnel daily to polish their skills and maintain their efficiency. Our training will have them have what it takes to get the job done for the next project.

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So for your industrial, commercial, and residential flooring requirements, there is no other swell choice but Epoxy Mortar Kansas City. We have many coating and flooring services and products you can peruse. And epoxy mortar is the best fit for your industrial settings. 

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