A Quick Guide to Basement Epoxy Flooring

basement with metallic epoxy flooring

Transform your home’s basement into a stunning space for various purposes, using epoxy floor coatings. Today, people are finding ways to be more productive, staying at home, so they use the basement like a gym or an underground leisure area. The options are endless. Now, all you need is to install a basement epoxy flooring. So, why use epoxy coatings for your basement flooring? Here is a quick guide for you to begin renovating with a basement epoxy flooring.

Basic Facts for Epoxy Flooring

The innovative epoxy floor coatings provide a strong, polished, resinous flooring system. The epoxies contain two solid compounds, namely, resin and a hardener. The compounds react together, making a surface tougher that produces a super-resistant quality.
There are two main types of epoxy coatings, one is the solvent-based epoxy coating, and then the other is the solid-based coating. Most contractors will recommend installing a solid-based epoxy, especially, if you want a basement epoxy flooring. The solid-based coating provides a quick cure time. Other names of epoxy go by epoxy mortar and epoxy slurry flooring systems.

Benefits of Basement Epoxy Flooring

High-Resistance and Low Maintenance. A solid concrete does not only repel damage from heavy equipment, but it also resists stains, dust, and animal scratches or friction from various activities. The surface of an epoxy flooring offers strong adhesion so that both surfaces receive minimal contact from each other, preventing abrasions. When moving in furniture, the dense surface of the epoxy flooring makes no small spaces, preventing dust to store up. To instantly fix flaws in a basement epoxy flooring, using a soap-water formula and rug will do.

Lasting Quality and Updated Style. With epoxy floor coatings, you can upgrade your basement’s interior. There are vast choices of patterns and styles that come with epoxy coatings, including customizable colors and unique design combinations. Hire professional concrete flooring contractors to perform flawless jobs on preparing and crafting varieties of epoxy flooring, including 3D epoxy floors and metallic epoxy floors. Make sure to work with trusted and certified contractors. They are professionals who had already mastered all the tricks for successfully installing a perfect basement epoxy flooring.

Installation Time of Epoxy Flooring

Here is an awesome fact for you. Did you know that installing epoxy flooring only takes an average of 2-3 days with 5 days at maximum? An expert can finish the job in 2 days, beginning with the basement concrete preparation. In half a day, the epoxy flooring is in place. Within two days, everything will be completely cured, and your basement floor is ready for action!

Personal Care for Your Basement Epoxy Flooring

Car mechanic repair service center cleaning using mops to roll water from the epoxy floor. In the car repair service centerTo care for and maintain the quality of a basement epoxy flooring in your homes, here is a quick and simple step for you to remember. First, use only gentle and soft materials for cleaning the floors. DO NOT use acid-based cleaners; make sure to read the labels of your cleaning products. For quick fixes, paper towel or small rugs will suffice to remove liquid stains or spilled foods and drinks. Do not use wired-bristle cleaners; no steel sponges for scrubbing the epoxy flooring.

Now you are ready for transforming your basement into a stunning space for productivity. Make a consultation now with an epoxy flooring contractor near you so you can ask them an estimate of the total installation cost!

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