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      Excellent service, friendly, professional personnel, and quality products are what it is all about here at Epoxy Slurry Floors Kansas City. We have all the solutions to your epoxy slurry flooring needs, and there is no need to cash out buckets and buckets to have them. Give us a go and fulfill your dream flooring today with superior results that last!

What Is Epoxy Slurry Floors Kansas All About?

We specialize in floor repair and restoration, epoxy coatings, and garage floor installations. We can work on your old and damaged floor and transform it into something luxurious and exquisite—NO need to stress yourself with a complete floor replacement. 

Our company has years of experience, made up of the most efficient and professional workforce you can find, brand-new and top-tier product lines, and an array of epoxy and flooring services that no other company can top.

Also, check out our clients’ testimonies that can back us up to prove we are the best in this industry. These are unbiased and real accounts that will make you want to try out our services immediately. See them by visiting our website online.

 All About Epoxy Slurries

      Epoxy slurry finds its use on surfaces to create seamless floors in many commercial and residential settings. The slurries are a combination of low-viscosity resins and fine-grade silica fillers. The result is a mixture you can apply to a floor, which adds chemical, stain, and impact resistance.

         There are many kinds of epoxy slurries out in the market, each with its specification and varied function. Learn more about them here, in our product and services descriptions.

Our Services

         We are experts when it comes to epoxy slurries and coatings. Yet, we have more to offer our customers. Some of them are on the list below.

  • Epoxy coating Epoxy concrete coatings give distinct transformations to your spaces. You can choose from a variety of epoxies like chipped, metallic epoxy, 3D floors, and more!
  • Floor overlaying – Existing floors can enhance with quick refinishing using concrete coatings. An existing epoxy flooring can further improve by adding a layer of slurry.
  • Maintenance and repairs – Our slurry floors are ideal for absolute repair and maintenance for old concrete. With the self-leveling and thermosetting ability deep and unreached cracks will be covered 100%.
  • Resurfacing – Get garages and basement waterproofing with various resurfacing techniques!
  • Concrete texturing – Make your new or old concrete long-lasting with layers of decorative coating and sealers. Choose if you like chipped or flaked additives or go clean and polished with clear coat epoxy. 
  • Concrete replacement – Every concrete surface is unique! With our team of professional flooring contractors, you’ll get an absolute assessment of your flooring systems. Check for issues like cracking, water damage, or fading. They will help you decide if you need a replacement or not.

Our Epoxy Slurry Kansas Application Areas

      Our epoxy slurry services do not end in Kansas City alone. We have many available application areas throughout Missouri.

  • Springfield
  • Jefferson City
  • Joplin
  • St. Joseph City
  • Columbia
  • St. Louis

Whether you have residential, industrial, and commercial properties, slurry epoxy floors will transform your spaces in both form and function, making them efficient and one of a kind.

  1. Residential Areas

Epoxy slurry floors will turn your kitchens, garages, and other areas look and function better. You can also apply them in outdoor spaces like:

  • Patios
  • Backyards
  • Pool decks
  1. Industrial Areas

Industrial areas can also have slurry floors. They provide durability and chemical resistance. We can install them in the following industrial areas.

  • Warehouses
  • Storage Areas
  • Mess halls and pantries
  • Motor pools
  • Service bays
  1.  Commercial Areas

Commercial locations are an excellent fit for epoxy slurry floorings. The flooring systems withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

  • Showrooms
  • Item aisles
  • Office floors
  • Garage floor epoxy
  • Epoxy flooring pool deck

The Advantages Of Epoxy Slurry Floors Kansas City

  • Floors with epoxy slurry have more durability and liquid resistance.
  • You can pick the color from a variety of opaque hues.
  • Daily cleaning and sanitizing do not damage the topcoat of the slurry floorings.
  • Our epoxy slurry meets occupational safety and health administration standards. They are safe to use.
  • Epoxy slurry floors are not expensive to install.
  • Also, the floorings can withstand heat. 
  • These kinds of floors also withstand scratching and heavy traffic.
  • These floors also increase the visibility in many wide and large spaces such as garages, showrooms, and halls.


Compared to other flooring options around the block, Epoxy slurry floors do not require a lot of effort and resources to maintain. At most times, all you need to do to clean one is to get a broom, mop, or vacuum. The process is simple. We recommend sweeping it regularly for sanitation purposes and mop it with clean water and soap every week or so. Of course, this still depends on the activity and traffic being done over it.

The best part is it will not crumble easily under pressure unlike that of plain concrete or with overlays. Epoxy floors are known to be useful for long-term use in garage floors that carry the weight of heavy vehicles and in the industrial setting.


         It is good advice to avoid acidic products to clean as these can degrade and dull an epoxy slurry floor. Water, detergent, and soap are better alternatives to cleaning items that contain acid.

Are You Wondering About The Costs?

       The cost of a project varies. You must consider a list of factors that will all come into account:

  • The project’s duration
  • Location as robust commercial and industrial areas
  • Equipment, tools, and material transportation
  • Labor fees, either you need full service concrete installation or resurfacing with clear coatings and epoxy slurry systems.

       You don’t need to worry about the budget for your flooring project. We can work things out with you and carefully plan. Our team of experts is more than willing to lend you a hand in picking what materials to purchase and use, set a timeframe for the job, and tackle other related matters. We will not charge you extra, and you can count on us, to be honest. There are no hidden or irrelevant fees that you have to pay for.


Kansas City Epoxy Floors

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