FACTS on Metallic Epoxy Floors (& Why You Should Get One Yourself)

One way to spruce up your interiors is by creating bright spaces using metallic epoxy floors. Bring metallic masterpieces to your residential or commercial properties. The concrete floors now turn into durable pieces with the strength and form of steel.

Why use metallic floor coatings? The concrete flooring does not have to remain grey and dull looking. Brighten up the floors with sparkling decorative epoxy floors. A metal-like powdered paint additive produces a glimmering surface. The metal-like sheen from this metallic epoxy floor coating system also adds a light source to a room. 

What is Metallic Epoxy?

A metallic flooring system comes out when the epoxy coating mix is infused with glitter paint chips and powdered metal-like additives. The additives are broadcasted over the curing epoxy coating. Another way to produce a metal-like film of floor coating is to dissolve the glitter paint chips into the epoxy compound. The powdered paint chips make the epoxy remains to be a durable and 100% pure solid material.

Process in the Making of Metallic Floors

Below are steps of how to achieve metal-like flooring. Check out each process and consider asking professional flooring installers if you want the best outcome.

1- Epoxy Floor Coating Preparation

Just like your ordinary clear epoxy flooring, the process will all start with preparation. Clean and sand the floors for an even surface ready for coating applications. Do some repair if necessary. 

There are various concrete crack repairs available and products to fill and seal large and tiny concrete cracks. If you got an existing epoxy flooring and need a change, do some grinding to smoothen out and cleanse the old coatings and other coating residues from the flooring surface.

2 – Epoxy Mix

The resin floor coating uses pure 100% solid compounds. The resin is mixed with a hardener that results in a super durable and surer adhesive epoxy coating. A professional epoxy installer must get the right proportions of the compounds in this step. That is the key to a top-quality epoxy floor.

3- Epoxy Coating Metallic 

An epoxy flooring system has three essential components. These are the primer, base coat design coat. A finding coat or sealer is then added for final touches to achieve a long-lasting result.

But before the final coating, a metallic paint additive is broadcasted over the curing epoxy mix. The resin mix becomes solid too fast when it hits a concrete surface. It is best to get a professional flooring contractor or designer to add epoxy layers to the concrete floor. 

In the turn of seconds that the epoxy coat dries up, the metallic additives morphed into the coating. Another technique is to pour the glittery powder into the solution. The paint chips and metal-like additives will melt in the compound. As you run the design coat, the surface instantly sparkles. The floor turns out to be a shining-bright-like-a-diamond flooring surface.

Last and not the most minor step is to finish the flooring installation with a final coat. A clear epoxy coat can be your best option to seal the concrete surface. Applying the sealer will also enhance the brightness of the floor. It will also keep the metallic base coat intact, free from damage, and looking polished all the time.

Why Get Metallic Epoxy Coatings for Your Floors?

Epoxy is great but Metallic epoxy? Even better! It’s ten times resistant against chemicals and stains, ten times more slip-resistant, and ten times cooler than a plain epoxy coat.

  • Pure solid flooring material
  • Low to zero VOC emission compound
  • High chemical resistance
  • Anti-stain
  • Anti-slip flooring surface
  • Quick installation

Try Something Different. Get Metallic Epoxy.

Inter-galactic floors will be your newest addiction. Get it onyl from expert concrete contractors. Not all who handle flooring projects get the job done right so it pays to do your research. After all, it will be there for generations to come.

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