Top 4 Reasons Why Epoxy is the Best for Garage Floors

Epoxy floors and garages go well together. A busy space exposed regularly to extreme factors like heat, stain, and traffic needs a high-functioning floor system. Not only that it gives extra durability to the concrete, but an epoxy garage in Kansas also provides an appealing aesthetic. 

There’s a lot about this resin-enhanced flooring that makes it the king. Find out in this blog the reasons why epoxy is best for garages. First, have a quick scan of epoxy’s history.

Epoxy and its beginnings…

Synthetic concrete floors are around for ages. Since the discovery of resin and polymer materials, the industrial field flourishes with innovative products that provide more robust and renewable materials. 

Epoxy flourished in the 1980s. The finished product, resin, was patented by a German scientist named P. Shalack. This discovery is what most construction projects are now using.

The chemistry between resin compounds reacting with polyamide was actually first observed by a Russian chemist named Prisleschajev. It was in the 1930s that epoxy first showed its potential. Today, this synthetic polymer is innovated into various materials for both industrial and residential uses.

Five reasons why epoxy is for garages

1- King of Flooring Through the Years

Epoxy provides what every home and commercial property owners need for enhancing their floors. It started in the 1980s where industrial flooring found that a concrete floor can be stronger. As time goes by, even residential areas install epoxy in their flooring systems.

Epoxy displays excellent stain and heat resistance to the garage floorings. The floors receive absolute protection when sealed with epoxy. On top of these, the floor is low maintenance providing cost-efficient repair and decorative solutions.

2- Heat Resistant

Garage areas are always encountering heat-generating equipment. Add to this are greasy and oily chemicals that are also flammable. Once a concrete surface is burned, the dark spots cannot be layered or restored. 

When this happens, a resurfacing is the sure solution. Installing epoxy as concrete will cover the surface and shield it from extreme temperatures. No need to worry about tire treading on the floor and leaving its mark. 

This is the reason why the industrial world prefers epoxy and epoxy slurry systems for covering up most of its productive and functional spaces. Heat repel floors are epoxy original. 

3- Versatile

Epoxy flooring is versatile. You can use it in your garages most especially. This type of flooring also works best in other areas. Kitchens, restrooms, and even a living room improve with epoxy enhanced surfacings. 

The resinous floor coating got you covered for every space that needs protection from weathering and heavy traffic.

4- Improves Safety with Slip Resistant

With a flooring surface that repels heat, liquids stains, and dirt, it is no wonder that the floor enhances with skid-resistance. This is why you need epoxy for the garage. To make a safe and comfortable workspace, make the floors non-slippery. 

A garage floor got everyone moving, pacing from one corner to the other. Yes, you know how much action the garage gets when the dudes and ladies benign to get down and greasy. 

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